Best Art Kits For Kids

5 Best Art Kits for Kids (2024)

Thanks for checking out this unbiased article on the Best Art Kits For Kids. In today’s digital age, finding meaningful and engaging activities for children can be a bit of a challenge. Screen time is skyrocketing, and the allure of video games and social media is stronger than ever.

Yet, in the midst of all this tech frenzy, there lies an evergreen solution – art! Art is not just a way for kids to pass the time; it’s a crucial aspect of their development, fostering creativity, fine motor skills, and emotional expression.

Now, you might be thinking, “Sure, art sounds great, but where do I start?” That’s where the challenge kicks in. With a plethora of art supplies and kits available in the market, pinpointing the one that suits your child’s age, interest, and skill level can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

It’s overwhelming, to say the least, and we totally get it. Every child is unique, and finding an art kit that ticks all the boxes is no small feat.

But fear not, dear reader, for we have scoured the virtual shelves of Amazon to bring you a curated list of the top art kits for kids.

These kits are not just boxes of crayons and paper; they are gateways to a world of imagination, a canvas for your child to express themselves, and a tool to hone their artistic skills.

So, whether your little one is a toddler taking their first steps into the world of art or a tween looking to explore new mediums, we’ve got something for everyone. Let’s dive in and discover the artistic treasures that await!

What Are The Best Art Kits For Kids?

Choosing the perfect art kit for your child can be a daunting task with so many options available. To make your decision easier, we have compiled a features table of the aforementioned art kits.

This will provide you with a quick overview, helping you to compare the key aspects of each product side by side.

Art KitKey FeaturesBest For:Pricing
Crayola Inspiration Art Case140 pieces, non-toxic, portable caseBeginners, wide age range$$
Alex Art Draw Like A ProProjector, 124 slides, 6 markers, 10 sheets of paperLearning to draw, ages 6+$$$
Faber-Castell Young Artist Essentials Gift Set64 pieces, beeswax crayons, quality colored eco pencils, durableAges 6+, eco-conscious families$$$
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Art Set75 pieces, wooden case, non-toxic, variety of mediumsYoung artists, gift option$$
US Art Supply 162 Piece-Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art162 pieces, wooden case, extensive range of suppliesOlder kids, serious young artists$$$
Best Art Kits For Kids

In this table, “$$” represents a moderate price range while “$$$” signifies a higher price point. Please note that prices can vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

1. Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Dive into a universe of color and creativity with the Crayola Inspiration Art Case, a treasure trove for young artists. This kit is more than just an assortment of art supplies; it’s a passport to imaginative adventures and hours of fun.

Packed with a vibrant selection of crayons, colored pencils, and markers, it offers everything your child needs to start creating their own masterpieces. With Crayola’s renowned quality and a user-friendly design, this art case stands out as a top choice for kids of all ages.

Best Art Kits For Kids
Best Art Kits For Kids

Key Features:

  • 140 Pieces of Artistic Fun: The kit includes 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 sheets of paper, ensuring a wide variety of colors and tools at your child’s fingertips.
  • Durable Storage Case: Everything comes packed in a sturdy, portable case with compartments for each type of supply, making it easy to stay organized and take the fun on the go.
  • Non-Toxic Materials: Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to kids. Crayola ensures all materials in this kit are non-toxic, meeting the highest safety standards.


  • A Spectrum of Colors: With such a diverse array of colors, the possibilities for creativity are practically endless, allowing kids to experiment and find their own unique style.
  • All-in-One Convenience: Having crayons, pencils, and markers all in one kit means less hassle for parents and more options for kids, making it a practical and versatile choice.
  • Trusted Brand: Crayola has been a household name for generations, known for its quality products that stand the test of time.


  • Size Can Be Cumbersome: The case, while durable and handy, might be a bit large for very young kids to carry around comfortably.
  • Crayons May Be Fragile: As with most crayons, they can break if not handled gently, so a little care is needed during use.


This Crayola Inspiration Art Case is a fantastic starting point for children aged 4 and up who are embarking on their artistic journey. It offers a broad spectrum of colors and tools, fostering creativity and allowing kids to explore various artistic styles.

The durable case ensures that all the supplies stay organized and are easy to transport, making it perfect for art sessions at home, in the park, or while visiting grandparents.

For parents looking to encourage their child’s artistic endeavors, this kit is a solid investment, providing a plethora of options to keep those little hands busy and minds engaged. And who knows? It might just be the first step towards nurturing a lifelong love for art.

2. Alex Art Draw Like A Pro

Welcome to the magical world of Alex Art Draw Like A Pro, a unique art kit designed to make drawing accessible and fun for kids! This isn’t just your typical set of crayons and paper; it’s an interactive learning experience that combines art with technology.

By projecting images onto paper, kids can trace and recreate various drawings, helping to build their confidence and hone their artistic skills. Perfect for young learners and budding artists, this kit takes a fresh approach to art and encourages kids to explore their creative sides.

Best Art Kits For Kids
Best Art Kits For Kids

Key Features:

  • Projector with 124 Slides: The set includes a wide range of images for kids to trace, ensuring that they never run out of inspiration or new challenges.
  • Adjustable Height and Image Size: Kids can customize their drawing experience, learning how to manipulate size and proportion as they go.
  • Comes with Paper and Markers: Everything needed to get started is included in the kit, making it a convenient option for parents and a comprehensive choice for kids.


  • Builds Hand-Eye Coordination: The act of tracing helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, foundational skills for future artistic endeavors.
  • Encourages Precision: By following the projected images, kids learn to pay attention to detail and develop a steady hand.
  • Fun and Interactive: This kit brings a playful element to learning art, keeping kids engaged and excited to practice their skills.


  • Dependent on Batteries: The projector requires batteries, which could run out quickly with regular use, potentially interrupting the creative process.
  • Limited to Tracing: While excellent for learning precision and coordination, this kit might not be the best option for kids who are ready to explore freehand drawing and more spontaneous forms of art.


Alex Art Draw Like A Pro is an excellent choice for kids aged 6 and up who are showing an interest in drawing and want to develop their skills in a fun and interactive way.

It’s particularly great for those who might feel a bit intimidated by a blank canvas and are looking for a structured way to build their confidence. The variety of images and the ability to adjust the size ensure that the kit grows with your child, providing challenges and learning opportunities at every stage.

While it may not be the best fit for kids who are ready to dive into more free-form artistic expression, it serves as a fantastic tool for learning the basics and having a lot of fun along the way.

Plus, it’s a great activity for parents and kids to enjoy together, tracing, laughing, and creating memories. So, if you’re on the hunt for an art kit that combines learning with play, Alex Art Draw Like A Pro is a solid choice!

3. Faber-Castell Young Artist Essentials Gift Set

Embark on a journey of artistic discovery with the Faber-Castell Young Artist Essentials Gift Set, a comprehensive collection designed to inspire and nurture young creative minds. This set stands out with its high-quality materials and a diverse range of tools, catering to various artistic endeavors.

From vibrant colored pencils to silky smooth pastels, this kit provides young artists with the resources they need to express themselves freely and develop their artistic abilities.

With Faber-Castell’s commitment to excellence and a focus on enriching the learning experience, this gift set promises endless hours of artistic exploration.

Best Art Kits For Kids
Best Art Kits For Kids

Key Features:

  • 64-Piece Set: A robust assortment of colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor cakes, paintbrush, sharpener, and more.
  • Premium Quality: Faber-Castell is known for its high-quality art supplies, and this set is no exception, ensuring durability and a rich color payoff.
  • Educational Guide Included: The set comes with a helpful guide that provides tips, techniques, and inspiration, aiding in skill development.


  • Versatile Art Tools: The variety of mediums included allows children to experiment with different techniques and find their preferred style.
  • Encourages Skill Development: The inclusion of an educational guide ensures that kids have the support they need to learn and grow as artists.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: With Faber-Castell’s commitment to quality, parents can trust that they are investing in art supplies that will withstand the test of time.


  • Higher Price Point: The premium quality of the materials reflects in the price, making this set a bit more of an investment compared to others on the market.
  • May Be Overwhelming for Beginners: The extensive range of tools and mediums might be a bit much for very young artists or absolute beginners.


The Faber-Castell Young Artist Essentials Gift Set is a stellar choice for kids aged 6 and up who have a budding interest in art and are ready to take their creative skills to the next level.

It’s particularly well-suited for those who have outgrown basic crayons and are eager to experiment with a variety of artistic mediums.

While the price point is higher than some other options, the investment pays off in the form of durable, high-quality materials that provide a superior artistic experience. This set makes a fantastic gift, offering not just art supplies but a gateway to creative expression and skill development.

So, if you’re looking to inspire a young artist and provide them with the tools they need to flourish, the Faber-Castell Young Artist Essentials Gift Set is an excellent choice!

4. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Art Set

Step into a world of endless creative possibilities with the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Art Set, a comprehensive kit designed to captivate young minds and foster a love for art.

Perfect for children who are eager to explore various artistic mediums, this set provides a plethora of tools to unleash their imagination.

Known for their commitment to quality and a keen focus on enriching children’s learning experiences, Melissa & Doug have curated a set that balances fun with educational value, ensuring hours of artistic enjoyment.

Best Art Kits For Kids
Best Art Kits For Kids

Key Features:

  • All-Inclusive Kit: With crayons, colored pencils, watercolor paints, brushes, and more, this 130+ piece set has everything a young artist needs.
  • Durable Wooden Case: The supplies come neatly packed in a sturdy wooden case, ensuring they stay organized and are easy to transport.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Parents can have peace of mind knowing that all the materials in the set meet the highest safety standards.


  • Broad Range of Art Supplies: The variety of tools allows children to experiment with different techniques and styles, fostering creativity.
  • Enhances Organizational Skills: The wooden case not only protects the supplies but also teaches kids the importance of keeping their workspace tidy.
  • Great Value for Money: Given the extensive range of high-quality materials included, this set offers excellent value for parents.


  • May Be Bulky for Travel: While the wooden case is great for organization, it might be a bit cumbersome for on-the-go art sessions away from home.
  • Paper Quality Could Be Better: Some users have noted that the included paper might not be of the highest quality, which could affect the overall experience.


The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Art Set is a top-notch choice for kids aged 5 and up, especially those who are keen on trying their hand at various artistic styles.

Whether they’re into drawing, painting, or coloring, this set has something to offer, making it a versatile and engaging option. It’s a fantastic tool for both fun and educational purposes, encouraging children to express themselves while also learning about different art tools and techniques.

While it might be a bit large for travel, it’s perfect for at-home art sessions, providing a neat and organized space for all the supplies.

For parents looking for a comprehensive art set that offers great value and promises hours of creative fun, the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Art Set is definitely worth considering!

5. US Art Supply 162 Piece-Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art

Dive into the artistic realm with the US Art Supply 162 Piece-Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art set, a treasure trove of artistic tools designed to inspire and nurture creativity.

This extensive kit offers a wide array of mediums for kids to experiment with, making it a perfect choice for young artists ready to explore and expand their artistic horizons.

US Art Supply has carefully assembled a collection that is not just vast but also of high quality, ensuring that every stroke, sketch, and color pops with vibrancy.

Best Art Kits For Kids
Best Art Kits For Kids

Key Features:

  • Extensive Range of Supplies: From colored pencils and pastels to watercolor cakes and a variety of brushes, this set is packed to the brim with artistic tools.
  • Elegantly Packaged: The supplies come encased in a beautifully crafted wooden box, adding a touch of elegance and ensuring easy organization.
  • Versatile and Comprehensive: This set is designed to cater to a wide range of artistic styles, providing everything needed for drawing, painting, and more.


  • Promotes Creativity: The extensive range of tools encourages kids to experiment and find their unique artistic voice.
  • Great for All Skill Levels: Whether they’re just starting out or already have a passion for art, this set has something to offer for every young artist.
  • Durable and High-Quality: US Art Supply is known for their commitment to quality, and this set is a testament to their dedication to providing durable and reliable art supplies.


  • Can Be Overwhelming for Beginners: The sheer range of tools and options might be a bit much for absolute beginners or very young children.
  • Bulkier Size: The comprehensive nature of the set means it’s quite large, which could pose storage or portability challenges.


The US Art Supply 162 Piece-Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art set is a brilliant investment for kids aged 7 and up who have a burgeoning interest in art or are looking to take their creative skills to the next level.

It’s particularly well-suited for those who are eager to try out different artistic styles and mediums, providing a broad playground for creative exploration.

While the set is extensive and might be a bit overwhelming for complete beginners, it’s a fantastic choice for parents looking to nurture their child’s artistic talents over time.

The durable and high-quality materials ensure that this set will serve young artists well, making it a wise choice for families looking for value and variety.

So, if you’re ready to open up a world of artistic possibilities for your child, the US Art Supply 162 Piece-Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art set is a top contender!


Thank you for checking out this article on the Best Art Kits For Kids. We’ve navigated through a colorful spectrum of choices, aiming to provide you with comprehensive insights to make an informed decision.

Whether your child is taking their first steps into the world of art or they’re ready to explore new mediums and techniques, the right art kit can make all the difference.

Each of the kits we’ve reviewed brings something unique to the table, from the variety of supplies to the quality of materials, and even the educational value.

It’s essential to consider your child’s age, interest level, and skill set when choosing an art kit. The Crayola Inspiration Art Case and Melissa & Doug Deluxe Art Set offer a great starting point for younger artists, fostering creativity and fine motor skills.

For those ready to explore more advanced techniques, the Alex Art Draw Like A Pro, Faber-Castell Young Artist Essentials Gift Set, and US Art Supply 162 Piece-Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art provide a broader range of tools and mediums to experiment with.

No matter which kit you choose, you’re investing in your child’s creative journey, providing them with the tools to express themselves and explore their artistic potential. Encourage them, praise their efforts, and most importantly, let them have fun.

Art is not just about the final product; it’s about the joy in the process, the learning in every stroke, and the creativity that flows with every color. Happy painting, drawing, and creating!

FAQ Section

1. What makes a good craft kit for older kids?

A great craft kit for older kids would typically include a variety of tools and materials that challenge them and help develop their skills.

Look for kits with acrylic paints, easels, and even advanced options like string art kits. These not only provide a fun way of learning but also ensure they have enough supplies for their projects.

2. Is it a good idea to buy a craft kit for younger children?

Absolutely! Craft kits are a perfect gift for younger children as they are an excellent tool for them to learn and develop their fine motor skills.

Choose kits that have easy-to-follow instructions, different colors to stimulate their visual senses, and safe materials. Items like glitter glue, stickers, and beads can add an extra fun element to their creative play.

3. What should I look for in a craft kit to ensure it has ease of use for my children?

Look for a craft kit with a clear and concise instruction booklet, as it can significantly enhance the ease of use. Ensure that the kit includes all the necessary accessories, and if possible, opt for no-mess options like paint sticks. This ensures a smoother creative process for both you and your children.

4. Are there any craft kits suitable for big kids in the teenage age range?

Yes, there are numerous options available for big kids in the teenage age range. They might enjoy more sophisticated projects like DIY kits for making their jewelry, such as bracelets with beads, clasps, and gems. You can also explore options that include chalk, ink, and even sewing kits.

5. Can I use these art kits as a Christmas gift?

Art kits make for an excellent Christmas gift. They are not just fun but also educational, fostering creativity and fine motor skills.

Whether it’s a unicorn-themed kit for the younger ones or a more advanced set with a variety of painting and drawing tools for the older children, there’s something for everyone.

6. What should I look for in terms of materials in a craft kit?

When looking at the materials in a craft kit, ensure that they are safe, non-toxic, and appropriate for the child’s age. Look for a variety of materials such as glitter, sequins, and paper rolls to provide a comprehensive creative experience.

Additionally, ensure that there are enough supplies to prevent any disappointment and encourage a full creative expression.

7. How can I ensure that the craft kit is engaging for my child?

To ensure that the craft kit is engaging, look for one that aligns with your child’s interests. If they love drawing, opt for a kit with a variety of colors and drawing materials.

If they are into more hands-on activities, a kit with beads, sequins, and accessories for making collages could be a hit. Don’t forget to also consider the age-appropriateness of the kit to ensure it provides just the right level of challenge.

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