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5 Best Watercolor Brushes: Pro-Quality Picks (2024)

Thanks for checking out this unbiased article on the Best Watercolor Brushes for Kids. Embarking on an artistic adventure is a rite of passage for many young minds, eager to explore the vibrant world of colors and expressions.

However, without the right tools, these budding artists might find themselves hindered, and unable to fully unleash their creative potential.

It’s a common dilemma; parents everywhere are on the hunt for quality art supplies that are not just effective, but also safe and easy for little hands to maneuver.

And when it comes to watercolor painting, the brush makes all the difference. Substandard brushes can lead to frustration, with bristles falling out, uneven strokes, or poor color retention, leading to a less-than-stellar art experience.

This is where we step in, providing a guiding light through the dense forest of options available online, specifically on Amazon. We’ve done the legwork, analyzing and scrutinizing a plethora of brushes to bring you a curated list of the top watercolor brushes perfect for kids.

Ensuring that your child’s artistic journey is smooth, enjoyable, and utterly fabulous, these brushes are bound to bring smiles and a burst of creativity to the art table. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect brush to add a dash of magic to your little one’s artistic endeavors!

What Are The Best Watercolor Brushes?

When it comes to nurturing the artistic talents of young ones, choosing the right tools is as crucial as a canvas to a painter. Below, we’ve crafted a concise yet informative table to help you glide through the options and pick the perfect set of watercolor brushes for the blooming artists in your life.

Brush SetKey FeaturesBest ForPricing
Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint Brush SetVariety in size, Durable, Easy grip for small hands, Synthetic bristles, Easy to cleanBeginners and Learning Basics$$
Crayola Big Paint Brushes (4 Count Round)Large brush heads, Easy-to-hold handles, High-quality bristles, Easy-to-clean, DurableBroad Strokes and Large Areas$
US Art Supply 10 Piece Large Round Chubby Kids’ Paint BrushesEasy-grip, Colorful design, Versatile in use, Durable nylon bristles, AffordableGroup Activities and Classroom Use$
Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brush SetExtra-large brushes, Easy-grip handles, High-quality bristles, Comes with a storage pouch, DurableYoung Children and Toddlers$
Loew-Cornell 245B Brush SetVariety in brush shapes, Affordable, Synthetic bristles, Easy to clean, VersatileIntermediate Young Artists$$
Best Watercolor Brushes

In this table, each watercolor brush set is broken down by its defining characteristics, optimal use scenarios, and pricing to help guide your decision.

Whether your child is just starting, or they’re ready to take their artistic endeavors to the next level, this guide aims to illuminate the path to the perfect paintbrush set.

  • Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint Brush Set is a fantastic choice for kids who are just dipping their toes into the world of painting, offering a variety of sizes to experiment with, and synthetic bristles that are both durable and easy to clean.
  • Crayola Big Paint Brushes provide a balance between size and control, making it easier for kids to cover large areas without losing the joy of vibrant strokes.
  • US Art Supply’s Chubby Kids’ Paint Brushes are perfect for classrooms and group activities, bringing in a pop of color and versatility to every painting session.
  • Melissa & Doug’s Jumbo Brush Set is tailored for the tiny hands of toddlers, ensuring that they can grip easily and paint comfortably.
  • Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set opens up avenues for intermediate young artists to explore a variety of painting techniques with its diverse brush shapes and sizes.

With this comprehensive guide, we hope you feel more equipped to make an informed decision and bring home the set that will light up your child’s artistic world. Remember, the best brush is the one that gets them excited about painting!

1. Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint Brush Set

Embark on a colorful journey with the Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint Brush Set, meticulously designed to cater to the budding creativity in your young one.

This set stands out as a beacon of quality and ergonomic design, ensuring that your child’s first strokes are as joyful and vibrant as their imagination.

Faber-Castell, a brand renowned for its commitment to excellence in art supplies, brings forth a set that promises to be a steadfast companion in your child’s artistic adventures.

Best Watercolor Brushes
Best Watercolor Brushes

Key Features

  • Ergonomically Designed: The brushes are crafted keeping in mind the petite hands of young artists, ensuring a comfortable grip and easy maneuverability.
  • Variety of Brushes: The set includes four different types of brushes, providing a range of options for various painting techniques.
  • Easy Maintenance: These brushes are not just easy to clean but also designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring longevity and durability.


  • Comfortable Grip: The ergonomic handles are a boon, ensuring that the young artists can paint for hours without any discomfort.
  • Durable Bristles: Crafted for longevity, the bristles are robust, ensuring they don’t shed easily and maintain their shape over time.
  • Affordable Quality: Providing a perfect balance between quality and affordability, this set offers great value for money.


  • Limited Size Variety: While the set does offer different types of brushes, some users might find the variety in size a bit lacking for more detailed work.


The Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint Brush Set stands as a top recommendation for parents and educators alike, aiming to provide quality art tools for children. This set is particularly ideal for young beginners, making their initial forays into the world of watercolor painting.

The comfortable grip ensures that the child can focus on their creativity rather than struggling with an unwieldy brush, while the durable bristles promise a smooth painting experience, stroke after stroke.

Moreover, the set’s affordability makes it an attractive option, ensuring that quality art supplies are accessible to all. Elevate your child’s artistic journey with this stellar set, and watch as their canvas blossoms with colors and creativity!

2. Crayola Big Paint Brushes (4 Count Round)

Discover the vibrant world of Crayola with their Big Paint Brushes set, a collection meticulously designed for little hands with big imaginations.

Crayola, a titan in the world of children’s art supplies, presents a set of brushes that promises to turn every painting session into an explosion of creativity and fun. With these brushes, young artists are equipped to explore, experiment, and express themselves in the most colorful ways possible.

Best Watercolor Brushes
Best Watercolor Brushes

Key Features

  • Versatile Round Brushes: The set includes four round brushes, versatile for a wide range of strokes and techniques.
  • Easy-to-Grip Handles: Designed for small hands, these brushes provide a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring ease of use.
  • High-Quality Bristles: The bristles hold paint exceptionally well, allowing for smooth application and consistent strokes.


  • Trusted Brand: Crayola’s reputation for safe, child-friendly products provides peace of mind for parents and educators.
  • Compatible with Crayola Products: These brushes are optimized to work seamlessly with other Crayola art supplies.
  • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning up is a breeze, ensuring that the brushes are ready for action whenever inspiration strikes.


  • Bristles May Shed: After extensive use, the bristles may begin to shed, which is something to keep an eye on.


The Crayola Big Paint Brushes set is an excellent choice for parents and educators looking for reliable, kid-friendly art supplies. These brushes are particularly well-suited for young artists who are just beginning to explore the world of watercolor painting.

The comfortable grip and high-quality bristles provide a seamless painting experience, allowing kids to express themselves freely without any hindrance.

While there is a slight chance of bristle shedding after extensive use, the overall quality and affordability of the set make it a worthwhile investment in your child’s artistic development. Choose Crayola, and watch as your young artist paints their world with joy and creativity!

3. US Art Supply 10 Piece Large Round Chubby Kids’ Paint Brushes

Welcome to a world where size does matter, especially when it comes to fostering creativity in young artists!

The US Art Supply Large Round Chubby Kids’ Paint Brushes set offers a collection of 10 generously sized brushes, tailor-made for little hands eager to explore the boundless realm of colors and strokes.

This set stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to nurturing creativity while ensuring comfort and ease of use for the youngest of painters.

Best Watercolor Brushes
Best Watercolor Brushes

Key Features

  • Large, Round Bristles: Perfectly sized for small hands, these brushes provide easy control for beginners learning the ropes of painting.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a variety of painting techniques, ensuring kids have the freedom to experiment.
  • Bulk Pack of 10: A generous quantity ensuring there’s always a brush on hand, ready for every burst of creativity.


  • Cost-Effective: Offering a bulk option at an affordable price, this set is perfect for families or classrooms on a budget.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand the enthusiastic strokes of young artists, these brushes promise longevity.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean and ready for action, these brushes ensure the focus stays on creativity.


  • Limited Detail Work: The larger bristle size might not be conducive for detailed or intricate painting work.


For parents, educators, or anyone in charge of nurturing young minds, the US Art Supply Large Round Chubby Kids’ Paint Brushes set emerges as a smart, economical choice.

This set is especially great for group activities, art classes, or families with multiple young artists, providing ample brushes for everyone to get involved.

While the larger bristles might not be ideal for detailed work, they offer an excellent opportunity for kids to experiment with broad strokes and bold expressions.

Embrace this set as a starter pack, igniting the spark of creativity in young artists and providing them with the right tools to embark on their artistic journey with confidence and joy!

4. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brush Set

Step into a world of oversized fun and creativity with the Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brush Set, specifically designed to meet the artistic needs of young, aspiring painters.

Known for their quality children’s toys and art supplies, Melissa & Doug have crafted this set with the perfect blend of fun, functionality, and durability. It’s a painting solution that promises to make every art session an adventure, filled with broad strokes of imagination and color.

Best Watercolor Brushes
Best Watercolor Brushes

Key Features

  • Oversized Brushes: Tailored for small hands, these jumbo brushes provide an easy grip, enhancing the painting experience.
  • Durable Bristles: Designed to last, the high-quality bristles can withstand vigorous painting sessions, maintaining their form.
  • Set of Four: This set includes four brushes, ensuring variety and ample options for different painting techniques.


  • Easy for Beginners: The large size of the brushes makes them especially easy for beginners to handle and manipulate.
  • Encourages Creativity: The jumbo design adds an element of fun, encouraging young artists to think and paint big.
  • Trusted Brand: With Melissa & Doug’s reputation for quality, parents can feel confident in their purchase.


  • Not for Detailed Work: The oversized nature of these brushes might make them unsuitable for finer, detailed artwork.


The Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brush Set is an excellent choice for parents looking to infuse fun and learning into their child’s art sessions. It’s particularly suited for younger kids or beginners who are developing their motor skills and experimenting with their artistic side.

The oversized brushes are not just a joy to use but also help in building confidence as the children can see their strokes clearly on paper.

While it might not be the go-to set for detailed work, the jumbo size encourages a bold and free approach to painting, making it a valuable addition to any young artist’s toolkit. Let the colors flow and the creativity soar with this delightful set from Melissa & Doug!

5. Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set

Discover the harmonious blend of quality, versatility, and affordability with the Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set, a collection meticulously curated to suit the nuanced needs of young artists.

Loew-Cornell, a brand synonymous with fine art supplies, brings to the table a set that combines functionality with durability, ensuring a seamless painting experience for children. It’s a set that stands tall, ready to assist in translating imaginative thoughts onto paper with precision and ease.

Best Watercolor Brushes
Best Watercolor Brushes

Key Features

  • Variety of Brushes: The set includes a range of brushes, providing options for various painting techniques.
  • Synthetic Bristles: Crafted with high-quality synthetic materials, ensuring smooth application and longevity.
  • Comfortable Handles: The brushes feature comfortable handles, designed to provide a secure grip for small hands.


  • Affordable Quality: Loew-Cornell delivers on providing a high-quality product without breaking the bank.
  • Diverse Applications: From broad strokes to fine details, this set is versatile enough to handle it all.
  • Easy to Clean: Maintenance is a breeze, ensuring that the brushes are always in top condition for the next artistic endeavor.


  • Bristles May Stiffen: Without proper care, the synthetic bristles have the potential to stiffen over time.


The Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set emerges as a shining option for parents and educators looking to invest in a versatile, high-quality set without stretching the budget.

It’s especially suitable for children who have moved past the beginner stage and are looking to explore a wider range of painting techniques. The diverse brush options and the affordability of the set make it a valuable addition to any young artist’s toolkit.

By ensuring proper maintenance and cleaning, the potential issue of bristles stiffening can be easily avoided, making this set a reliable choice for fostering creativity in young minds. Let the artistic journey be as colorful and diverse as this brush set from Loew-Cornell!


Thanks for checking out this article on the Best Watercolor brushes for kids. We’ve walked through a comprehensive journey, exploring various options suitable for young artists of all levels.

From the fun and oversized Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brush Set to the versatile and affordable Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set, there’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or guardian, investing in the right tools is paramount for nurturing creativity and skill in young minds.

The journey through the art world is a vibrant one, and having the right brushes in hand can make all the difference. It’s not just about painting; it’s about expression, learning, and most importantly, having a whole lot of fun.

These sets provide not just tools but opportunities for kids to explore, create, and develop a love for art that could last a lifetime. Remember, the goal is to encourage creativity and develop skills, and each of these brush sets brings something unique to the table to achieve just that.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the perfect watercolor brushes for kids, it’s essential to look for options that are not only high in quality but also fun and easy to use.

The Faber-Castell Young Artist Paint Brush Set, Crayola Big Paint Brushes (4 Count Round), US Art Supply 10 Piece Large Round Chubby Kids’ Paint Brushes, Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brush Set, and Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set all stand out as excellent choices.

So, go ahead, make your pick, and watch as the little artists in your life create their masterpieces with joy and enthusiasm!

FAQ Section

What are the best brands of watercolor brushes?

When it comes to high-quality watercolor brushes, brands like Winsor & Newton, Escoda, and Da Vinci hold a solid reputation.

They offer a variety of brushes, including those made from Kolinsky sable, synthetic fibres, and natural hair. The right choice ultimately depends on your personal preference and the specific needs of your artwork.

What is the best brush for watercolor art?

The “best” brush can vary depending on what you’re looking to achieve with your watercolor painting. For fine details, a brush with a fine point, such as a rigger brush or a small brush with short handles, can be your best bet.

For covering large areas, a larger brush like a flat brush or mop brush can hold a significant amount of water and cover more ground. Brushes made of sable hair or synthetic fibres can both be great choices depending on your preference and price point.

Are expensive watercolor brushes worth it?

Expensive watercolor brushes, especially those made from high-quality natural hair like Kolinsky sable or sable brushes, are often considered a good investment for serious artists.

They can hold a lot of water, maintain their shape for a very long time, and provide a level of precision and control that synthetic brushes may not be able to match.

However, modern synthetic watercolor brushes have come a long way and can be a more affordable and still high-quality option for many artists.

What are the best brushes for watercolor pencils?

For watercolor pencils, you might prefer brushes that have a fine point for detailed work or smaller brushes for controlled strokes.

Synthetic brushes are often a preferred choice as they can maintain a sharp point and offer good control. Make sure the brush size complements your work, as very large brushes might not suit the precision often required when working with watercolor pencils.

How do I clean my watercolor brushes properly?

Cleaning your watercolor brushes is crucial for their longevity. Rinse them thoroughly in warm water immediately after use. If the paint has dried or is hard to remove, a mild soap can help.

Be gentle to avoid damaging the bristles, and reshape the brush head before leaving it to dry. Storing them with the bristles pointing upwards can help maintain their shape.

Can I use watercolor brushes for other types of paint?

Watercolor brushes are specifically designed to hold a lot of water and are made with softer bristles.

While you can experiment with using them for other types of paint, it’s not generally recommended as thicker paints like acrylics can damage the delicate bristles of natural hair brushes or sable brushes.

What’s the difference between natural and synthetic watercolor brushes?

Natural watercolor brushes are typically made from animal hair, such as sable, goat, or camel hair. They can hold a significant amount of water, provide smooth linear strokes, and are often more expensive.

Synthetic watercolor brushes are made from synthetic fibers and are usually more affordable, durable, and cruelty-free. They might not hold as much water, but they can still offer great performance for watercolor painting.

How important is brush shape in watercolor painting?

Brush shape is crucial as it determines the kind of strokes you can make. Flat brushes are great for washes and bold strokes, while round brushes offer versatility for different techniques.

Rigger brushes, with their long, thin bristles, are perfect for fine lines and details. Your choice should depend on the kind of work you do and your personal preference.

Do I need a variety of brush sizes for watercolor painting?

Having a variety of brush sizes at your disposal can greatly enhance your versatility in watercolor painting.

Larger brushes are great for washes and covering large areas, while smaller brushes are perfect for details and precision work. It’s a good idea to have a range of sizes to suit the different needs of your artwork.

How long do watercolor paintbrushes typically last?

The lifespan of a watercolor brush depends on the quality of the brush, how often it’s used, and how well it’s taken care of. High-quality brushes made from animal hair or top-tier synthetic fibers can last a very long time if properly maintained.

Lower-quality brushes or those not properly cared for might wear out more quickly. Always clean your brushes promptly after use and store them correctly to ensure their longevity.

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