The Best iPad Case for Kids

5 Best iPad Case for Kids: Protection and Style (2024)

Thanks for checking out this unbiased article on the best iPad case for kids. Let’s face it, iPads and kids can be a risky combination.

These treasured devices are not just portals of entertainment and education for our little ones, but also fragile and costly gadgets that are prone to enthusiastic mishandling by youthful exuberance. Accidents happen, and when they involve a pricey iPad, it’s not just a minor oops moment.

In the whirlwind of daily life, where spills, drops, and the occasional flight attempt of an iPad are all too common, protecting your investment becomes a priority.

But hey, don’t let that dampen the fun! Imagine a world where you can relax, knowing your child’s iPad is wrapped in a cocoon of protection, where screen cracks and scratches are a thing of the past.

That’s where we come in with a solution! We’ve scoured Amazon to bring you the top 5 iPad cases for kids that blend durability, functionality, and kid-friendly designs. These cases are not just armor against the chaos of childhood; they’re also cool and fun, making your kids want to use them.

So, dive in as we explore each case’s unique features, pros, cons, and find the perfect shield for your little one’s digital companion.

Case NameKey FeaturesBest For:Pricing
JETech Kids CaseShockproof EVA material, PET screen protector, Lightweight, Anti-slipOverall protection$16.99
Fintie Case for iPadHeavy-duty EVA foam, Convertible handle/stand, Shock-proof, Safe materialSecure grip & versatility$16.99
HDE Case for Mini iPadDurable, Shock-resistant, Integrated screen protector, Foldable handleMini iPad models$23.99
PPSHA iPad CaseRigid construction, Soft silicon finish, Shockproof, Multi-colorSturdy protection$19.99
Feitenn iPad Case3D butterfly design, Non-toxic EVA foam, Shock absorption, DustproofCreative design & safety$15.99
Best iPad Case for Kids

This table provides a succinct overview of the top iPad cases for kids, highlighting their key features, suitability, and pricing, offering a quick reference for selecting the best option based on specific needs and preferences.

The JETech Kids Case for iPad is a prime example of modern design meeting child-friendly functionality.

Ideal for the rough and tumble of kids‘ daily use, this case is specifically crafted to withstand the unexpected drops, spills, and knocks that are part and parcel of a child’s interaction with technology.

Made with shockproof EVA material and featuring a built-in screen protector, the JETech case is a top contender for parents seeking peace of mind when it comes to their child’s iPad safety.

The Best iPad Case for Kids
The Best iPad Case for Kids


  • Material: Made of shockproof EVA material.
  • Screen Protector: Features a PET built-in screen protector.
  • Design: Lightweight, sturdy, with a bright blue finish.
  • Dimensions & Weight: 10.71 x 10.63 x 0.91 inches; 11.5 ounces.


  • Precise cutouts for easy access to ports and buttons.
  • Anti-slip texture for better grip.
  • Sturdy stand for hands-free viewing and comfortable typing.
  • Available in five vibrant color options.


  • The material may feel rigid for some users.
  • Screen protector might slightly reduce touch sensitivity.


The JETech Kids Case is an excellent choice for parents who prioritize both protection and ease of use. Its robust design ensures the iPad stays secure from everyday bumps and accidents, while the bright color options make it appealing for kids.

The case’s anti-slip texture and sturdy stand are perfect for interactive learning and entertainment sessions, ensuring the iPad stays put, whether it’s on a desk or in tiny hands.

This case is particularly suited for younger children who might not yet be as careful with their devices, providing a perfect blend of protection and functionality.

Step into the world of tailored protection with the Fintie Case for Apple iPad. This case stands out for its innovative design, catering to iPads such as the 9.7, iPad Air 2, and iPad Air.

Available in eight different colors, it’s made from heavy-duty EVA foam and features a unique handle design that ensures a secure grip, making it a top choice for active kids and on-the-go use.

The Best iPad Case for Kids
The Best iPad Case for Kids


  • Compatibility: Suitable for iPad 9.7, iPad Air 2, and iPad Air.
  • Material: Made from heavy-duty EVA foam.
  • Design: Handle for secure grip; convertible into a stand.
  • Dimensions & Weight: 10.5 x 10.3 x 1 inches; 8.4 ounces.


  • Convertible handle can be turned into a stand.
  • Hazard-free and safe material.
  • Shock-proof and withstands considerable wear and tear.
  • Thick foam covers body and extends a little in front, offering screen protection.


  • Does not come with a built-in screen protector.


The Fintie Case is an excellent choice for parents looking for a versatile and durable solution for their child’s iPad. Its convertible handle is particularly useful, doubling as a stand for easy viewing and interactive activities.

The lack of a built-in screen protector can be easily remedied with an aftermarket screen protector for complete safety. Ideal for children who are always on the move, this case’s shock-proof design and thick foam protection provide assurance against drops and bumps.

The wide range of colors also means there’s a style to match every child’s personality, making it a practical and fun accessory for any young iPad user.

The HDE Case for Mini iPad is specially designed for those smaller, more delicate iPads that are often the first choice for younger children. Catering specifically to the Apple iPad 2023 Student Edition, 6th and 5th Generation models, this case offers comprehensive protection with a touch of style.

Its durable design and fully integrated screen protector make it a reliable choice for the mini iPad’s unique dimensions and needs.

The Best iPad Case for Kids
The Best iPad Case for Kids


  • Compatibility: Fits Apple iPad 2023 Student Edition, 6th and 5th Generation models.
  • Material: Durable, shock-resistant construction.
  • Design: Integrated screen protector, foldable handle that doubles as a stand.
  • Dimensions & Weight: 27.4 x 26.6 x 2.7 inches; 12 ounces.


  • Durable and shock-resistant.
  • Fully integrated screen protector.
  • Lightweight with a foldable handle/stand.


  • Limited compatibility with specific iPad models.


For parents of mini iPad users, the HDE Case offers a perfect mix of robust protection and practicality. Its fully integrated screen protector is a standout feature, providing comprehensive screen safety without sacrificing touch sensitivity.

The foldable handle is a great addition for kids, offering a secure grip and doubling as a stand for easy viewing. This case is particularly recommended for younger children or students who use their iPads for both learning and leisure.

It’s an ideal choice for ensuring the safety of smaller iPads without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

The PPSHA iPad Case stands as a solid guardian for your iPad, especially designed for the 9.7” models. Its superior construction with a dual-layer design offers a unique combination of rigidity and soft touch.

The inner hardcore case provides robust protection, while the outer soft silicon finish ensures a comfortable grip. This balance makes it ideal for kids who need both strong protection and a user-friendly case.

The Best iPad Case for Kids
The Best iPad Case for Kids


  • Compatibility: Specifically for iPad 9.7” models.
  • Material: Durable materials with a soft silicon finish.
  • Design: Inner hardcore case and soft outer case.
  • Colors: Available in multiple colors.


  • Offers excellent shockproof protection.
  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Soft outer case provides a comfortable grip.
  • Available in various attractive colors.


  • Does not include a built-in screen protector.
  • Limited compatibility with certain iPad models.


The PPSHA iPad Case is a superb option for parents looking for a durable yet comfortable case for their child’s iPad. Its shockproof and sturdy design makes it ideal for active kids who are prone to occasional drops and rough handling of their devices.

The absence of a built-in screen protector can be easily compensated with an additional screen guard for complete iPad protection. This case is particularly suitable for school-aged children who use their iPads both in and out of the classroom, providing a reliable shield against the rigors of daily use.

The Feitenn iPad Case for Kids is a delightful combination of whimsy and practicality, perfect for the imaginative young iPad user. Designed specifically for iPad 5, iPad 6, and iPad Pro 9.7”, this case features a unique 3D butterfly design that’s not just visually appealing but also functional.

The non-toxic EVA foam material provides both durability and lightness, making it an excellent choice for younger kids.

The Best iPad Case for Kids
The Best iPad Case for Kids


  • Compatibility: Suitable for iPad 5, iPad 6, and iPad Pro 9.7”.
  • Material: Made of non-toxic EVA foam.
  • Design: 3D butterfly design with adjustable wings/kickstand.
  • Dimensions & Weight: 13.5 x 11 x 1.4 inches; 10.6 ounces.


  • Sturdy, yet lightweight.
  • Extra shock absorption.
  • Dustproof.


  • Limited compatibility with certain iPad models.


The Feitenn iPad Case is a fantastic pick for younger iPad users who love a touch of charm and fun in their accessories. The butterfly design is not just visually attractive but also encourages kids to use the case, while the adjustable wings as a kickstand add to its utility.

Its lightweight and shock-absorbent features ensure that the iPad is well-protected without adding extra bulk, making it ideal for daily use, travel, and school. This case is especially recommended for those seeking a combination of style, protection, and child-friendly design.

Thanks for checking out this article on the best iPad case for kids. We hope our comprehensive review of these top picks has made your decision-making process a breeze.

Each case we’ve explored offers a unique blend of durability, functionality, and kid-friendly appeal, ensuring that there’s something for every young iPad user out there.

In choosing the right case, remember that the key is finding a balance between robust protection and ease of use.

Whether it’s a case with a built-in screen protector, a fun and whimsical design, or one that offers a secure grip and convertible stand, the right choice will seamlessly integrate into your child’s daily life, enhancing their learning and play experiences while keeping their precious tech safe.

Finally, investing in a good iPad case is not just about protecting a device; it’s about peace of mind. Knowing that your child’s iPad is safeguarded against the spills and thrills of childhood means one less worry in your busy life.

So, pick the case that best suits your child’s needs and let them explore, learn, and play with confidence. Happy iPad safeguarding!

Which iPad case is best for children?

For a young child with an iPad mini, a case that is sturdy yet lightweight is ideal. Look for ones made of thermoplastic polyurethane or silicone that fit well in little hands. A great case for kids often includes a screen cover and is made of hard plastic or a hard plastic shell to protect against drops and dents.

What are the most protective iPad cases?

Cases like OtterBox offer robust protection with their hard plastic shell and are a great option for safeguarding your tablet. They often come with a screen cover and reinforced corners, ideal for absorbing shocks.

How do I childproof my iPad?

Using a protective case made of hard plastic or silicone is key. Look for features like a front cover that doubles as a stand, adjustable viewing angles, and compatibility with the Apple Pencil for added utility. A case with a shoulder strap can also make carrying easier for kids.

What is the best entry-level iPad for kids?

The best entry-level iPad should be cost-effective (around a few hundred dollars) and durable. Models compatible with Bluetooth for keyboard connections or those that can be secured in the back of a car seat headrest for entertainment during travel are advantageous.

Can iPad cases fit in larger purses or backpacks?

Yes, many tablet cases are designed to be slim enough to fit into larger purses or backpacks, making them convenient for travel or school.

Do iPad cases interfere with Bluetooth connections?

Typically, iPad cases, including those made from silicone or polycarbonate, do not interfere with Bluetooth connection. This allows for uninterrupted use of Bluetooth peripherals like keyboards or headphones.

Are there iPad cases that can attach to car seat headrests?

Yes, some cases come with a strap that can be attached to the back of a car seat headrest, perfect for keeping kids entertained on long drives.

Do iPad cases protect against screen damage?

Many cases come with a screen cover or have a raised front cover to protect the screen from scratches and minor impacts.

Is there a drawback to using very rugged cases like Otterbox?

While rugged cases like Otterbox offer superior protection, the drawback can be their bulkiness, which might make the device less comfortable for small hands to hold.

Can iPad cases hold an Apple Pencil?

Some cases have built-in magnets or slots to securely hold an Apple Pencil, ensuring it’s always within reach.

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